Digital Strategy | Data Science | SEO | E-commerce & Business Growth

15 years on building Traffic acquisition and E-commerce conversion strategies for brands and media platforms in various industries. I combine strong strategic skills with design thinking, business acumen and leadership. I’ve worked in Cameroon, Toulouse, Paris, Montréal, Toronto, New York, to solve business challenges.


  • E-commerce strategy for Luxury/Fashion brands and E-retailers (+50 E-commerce projects)
  • Search engine marketing (SEO) with a focus on Algorithms reverse engineering
  • Media planning & advertising
  • Data Strategy, web analytics (Google Analytics certified) & Data visualisation
  • E-commerce: D2C, Pure Players (Amazon), Retailers (Loblaw media, Instacart, Walmart, etc)
  • Team management

Comment utiliser l’IA dans sa stratégie SEO

Le référencement SEO et l’intelligence artificielle (IA) jouent un rôle crucial dans le paysage numérique actuel, en particulier pour les entrepreneurs désireux d’optimiser leur présence